More National Emergencies on the Horizon

Individual 1 a/k/a Trumph – the Insult Comic President has declared a national emergency on the southern border to enable a raid on Department of Defense funds to build the “wall” that he showed no interest in building while the GOP had complete control of government for 2 years (long windup).  Like most things, once a leader gets a taste of exercising power, he or she will be looking around for other opportunities to flex their presidential muscle.  Fortunately for you, Red has chopped open some chickens and can make a few predictions about future crisis, that Trumph will claim require use of his extraordinary emergency powers.  To list just a few:

Critical shortages of orange hair dye and skin bronzer requires emergency confiscation of existing supplies for executive use.

Three triple bogeys in a row at Mar-a-Lago requires emergency change in rules of golf – US President starts each hole at -1 strokes.

Pending threat of incarceration requires executive action declaring presidential children immune from federal prosecution.

New bimbo eruptions require creation of emergency detention camps in California desert for presidential accusers and their attorneys.

Putin’s threats of exposure of Trump organization’s rampant criminal activity requires emergency action turning over all nuclear weapons to Russia -shipping to be paid by U.S.

Drop in viewership requires emergency executive order requiring all citizens to watch 3.5 hours of Fox News every day – with test to follow.

Emergence of 2020 GOP primary challengers sparks emergency roundup and detention of declared candidates for re-education in ways of all things Trumpian.

Possibility of loss in 2020 election requires declaration establishing Trumph as “President for Life.”





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