Texas Historic Hotel to be Renovated

The 90-year-old Baker Hotel and Spa in Mineral Wells has been purchased by a group that intends to restore the property to its former glory.  The Baker opened in 1929 during the early days of the Great Depression, but thrived for many years until a slow decline set in.  The property which was once the center piece of the lucrative mineral bath and spa industry in Mineral Wells was closed in 1972 and has been deteriorating ever since.

Austin-based La Corsha Hospitality Group will be leading the renovation and restoration of the Baker and the company has considerable experience in resurrecting decrepit but noteworthy properties like the Banker (which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982).  This isn’t the first attempt to revive the Baker, but this group seems to have the financial clout and staying power to finally get the Baker back on its feet.  Red is betting on Mineral Wells as the come-back player of the year for 2021.  ,

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