Red’s 2019 NFL Predictions – AFC West

Time is running short. So here’s the skinny.

Kansas City Chiefs – What can Red say. The Andy Reid Show featuring Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce will be a huge hit yet again this season. No. 1 in the Nielsen Ratings. No. 1 in the AFC West. No. 1 in the AFC. No. 1 in the NFL. Even the sad sack defense which couldn’t stop the Pats in the AFC Championship game (rules change please) is better. What is not to like. Oh yeah, the sob sisters are talking about how Mahomes can’t possible repeat some of the earth scorching performances of last season. Wanna bet? Take the Chiefs and the over in every game this season and see how that works out for you. Red is not sure who they will lose to. Kansas City goes 15-1 – Wow!
Los Angeles Chargers – Red likes the Chargers. He always has. The Chargers usually disappoint Red. The Chargers play every game on the road. The Chargers waste the careers of future NFL Hall of Famers. Poor LT. But the Chargers make the playoffs just often enough to make them a good bet in a weakened west. Look for LA to make it o 10-6.
Oakland Raiders – What a shit show Jon Gruden is putting up! JG seems like a nice guy on HBO, but Red suspects that his inner asshole will out this season. This is an organization that makes the Texans look like a well-oiled machine. Disappointment reigns in the final season of the Oakland Raiders 7-9.

Denver Broncos – Simple answer:  They suck! Denver goes 6-10 behind the walking corpse of Flacco Joe.

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