Adios to 2019 – Red’s Top Ten List

Red’s Top Ten reasons he is happy to close the books on 2019.

10.  We will finally get to a decade that people will feel comfortable naming.  The teens never really caught on and people spent the entire decade from 2000-2009 without mentioning it if at all possible.

9. Red will soon qualify for every senior discount available to man.

8. Any decade where the Cowboys win two NFL playoff games needs to go away.  As previously noted, Red is perfectly okay with the Cowboys winning one playoff game every decade.

7. The untimely demise of Harry Hamid f/k/a Katy Anders f/k/a something else put a real damper on Red’s enthusiasm for blogging.

6. The Mueller Report did not spark the outrage and calls for resignation that would certainly have been directed at any normal President.

5. The destruction that Hurricane Barry wreaked on Alabama – with the stroke of a Presidential Sharpie!

4. Setting a record for mass-shootings in the U.S.  Just in Texas and listing only those with multiple deaths not including the shooter (place and body count) we have:   Houston – 2 (twice),  Edinburg – 4,  Greenville – 2, Beaumont – 4, Midland – 8, El Paso – 22, Rosenburg – 3, Dallas -2, Henderson – 2,  Livingston -5, San Antonio -2, Houston – 3, Texas City – 3.   We’re number one!

3. Boris Johnson and Tories win in a landslide setting the stage for the un-uniting of the United Kingdom.

2.  Impeachment without conviction is like a chocolate milkshake without chocolate – or milk!

  1. Last time Red checked, Abbott was still Governor, Patrick was still Lt. Governor, Cornyn and Cruz were still U.S. Senators, Moscow Mitch was still in charge of about everything and Trump was still President.

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