There will come a day . . .

Endeavour is one Red’s favorite TV shows.  For those not in the know, the show centers around young Endeavour Morse (later Detective Inspector Morse in another TV series) a Detective Constable (later Sergeant) assigned to work with DI Fred Thursday in the Oxford Police Department (later Thames Valley).  Sort of a SPOILER ALERT here.  A plot line over a series of episodes has one of his colleagues DS Jim Strange (later DI Morse’s superior) joining a secret society that might possibly be the Masons.  The society is dominated by powerful members of Oxford society and apparently seeks to control aspects of the police department.  Morse rejects membership and warns Strange that there will come a day when he has to choose – that is, between loyalty to the rule of law and his police colleagues or loyalty to the powers that be in the secret society.  In a later episode it becomes clear that their superiors in the department are utterly corrupt and because he seeks to expose that corruption, the life of Fred Thursday hangs in the balance.  As the situation escalates, Morse asks for Strange’s help.  Strange tells Morse that he and others have been ordered to stand down. Morse tells Strange, “I told you the day would come when you would have to choose.  Today’s the day.”

Red is telling his friends and colleagues who continue to support Trump that there will be a day when you have to choose.  Do you support Trump or do you support the United States of America, representative democracy, the rule of law and the Constitution.  Red thought that day might come if Trump loses in November – that there would not be a peaceful transition of power and that Trump would foment violent rebellion in order to retain power.  Now, however, it looks like that day may be coming sooner.  Trump appears to be ready to declare war on his fellow citizens.  He has said that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is “in charge.”  His Secretary of Defense is referring to American cities as the “battlesite” that must be retaken.  He has deployed the military in the District of Columbia to attack peaceful protesters so that he can have photo op with “a bible” in front of a church.  He is threatening to use a rarely invoked and problematic  law to use military force throughout the country.

These are more than warning signs.  The day is coming.  Will you choose your country or Trump?

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