The Con Man Campaign

As previously noted, Red gets a veritable butt load of emails every day from the Trump campaign. The messages must be geared to reach somewhere well below the lowest common denominator because on an objective level any thinking human being would find them utterly idiotic and deceitful. It is almost beyond belief that there are perhaps millions of Americans who fall for this con man BS. Here is today’s offering with commentary from Red as usual.

Friend (aka Sucker),

We have an EXCLUSIVE (meaning absolutely non-exclusive) offer just for YOU (and other suckers like you).

President Trump sent us a list of his TOP 100 supporters (which totally belies the first statement about an exclusive offer – but hey who pays that close of attention) who he wanted to do something special for, and your name was on that list (curious because Red has not sent Trump one red cent and sometimes responds to these missives with considerable vitriol).

For a short time (until about Nov. 1), when you make a contribution of $20, we’ll send you a set of our ICONIC (or MORONIC) Trump-Pence 2020 Yard Signs FOR FREE (Yes, that’s a “free” sign for only $20 what a deal).

This offer is only available to you for ONE HOUR (But wait, don’t answer. If you act now, we will throw in a special tape of Pres. Trump singing “Go Away Little Girl” during a wild midnight Karaoke session at Jeffrey’s Epstein’s private island), Friend (you utter f’ing moron). After that, you may never get another chance to receive a set of FREE yard signs (or you could probably check with your local Republican Party HQ and actually get one for free – it’s your choice) .

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