Red’s 2020 NFL Predictions – NFC East

Red is getting a late start on his 2020 predictions and is therefore jumping into the deep end this season and starting with the traditional roast of the NFC East which other than the Eagles’ Superb Owl championship in 2017 has been among the doormat divisions of the NFL for going on about 20 years. 

Red will provide the 2019 NFL season overview and general thoughts on this season at a a later date.

Philadelphia Eagles

The reigning NFC East champs more or less by default.  The Eagles did have a nice closing run winning 4 straight to edge out the floundering Cowboys before losing to the Seahawks in the first round after Jadeveon Clowney’s cheap shot took out QB Carson Wentz.  No team is going to win a playoff game with Josh McCown at the helm.  The Eagles were decimated by injuries last year – so much that their No. 1 wide receiver was Greg Ward – last heard from as the quarterback of the Houston Cougars.  They signed Marquise Goodwin (every team needs at least one and preferably two Marquises)  but he opted out.  Nonetheless with Alshon Jeffery and Desean Jackson back Wentz will not lack options downfield.  Red predicts a breakout year for Miles Sanders as the top back.   Philadelphia is 10-6 and division champ again.

Dallas Cowboys

2019 saw the end of the Jason Garrett era as the Cowboys started strong with 3 wins over the weak sisters of the division and Miami.  Then reality set in with 3 losses to better competition.  Still the Boys had a chance going into week 16 at Philadelphia.  Alas, the Red Rule was in effect and 17 points was more than enough to dispatch Jerry’s boys and their last best shot at the playoffs.  Garrett was quickly shown the door and the Mike McCarthy era began even as it appears the Dak Prescott interregnum may be coming to a close.  Unable to work out a deal, the Cowboys applied the franchise tag to Prescott who seems overly perturbed about being paid $31 million this season.  Holdover Kellen Moore (future head coach of the New England Patriots) will be dialing up the plays which gives the Boys a halfway decent chance to win almost any game despite an increasingly decrepit offensive line.  And  Red is unsure about a defense that lost its best cornerback and pass rusher and is transitioning to the notoriously complicated schemes of new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.  All that said, Red sees only about 4 or 5 surefire wins on the schedule.  After all this is a team that couldn’t catch the crippled Eagles last year. Red calls it 8-8 for the Cowboys and another season on the outside looking in. 

P.S. Red has his usual bitch about the favorable TV schedule for a team that has won a total of 4 playoff games in the last 25 years, is 4-10 in the playoffs since 1996 and hasn’t come close to sniffing a Conference Championship during that stretch with the possible exception of the controversial loss to the Packers in 2014. Based on that record of excellence, this season the Cowboys are rewarded with 5 prime time spots (4 more than the minimum), 6 late afternoon games (including Thanksgiving and a road game in Seattle) for a total of 11 national TV appearances. Red calls BS.

New York Football Giants

In desperation, the Giants have turned to Bill Bellicheat disciple Joe Judge.  Unfortunately,  BB has been a poor stud and his progeny have generally fizzled out.  Undoubtably, new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will pull out all the stops when playing the Cowboys and he will breathe some life into an offense that has talent in Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley.  Expect the Giants to be interesting if not exciting.  But don’t expect them to win too many games.  Giants go 6-10 and feel the love.

Washington Football Team formerly known as the OTNAs

Red gets to pull out the “Offensive Term for Native Americans” one last time.  He won’t have them to Kickapoo anymore.  Red is Hopi that they come up a better nick-Nambe.  Even so, there’s a real  Quechan  as to whether the deal made for new head coach Ron Rivera will  really Pai off – there’s certainly no Guarani – he may be Cochiti.  They may not stink as much as last year, but if Ute think this team is going to be competitive –  Huron drugs.  This team has a Ottawa to go before they will have anything to Crow about.   And they are Innu overall terrible division.  They might Chippewa at the Giants for a shot at 3rd place, but . If you’re a fan looking for improvement, the best Red can offer is for you to Goshute the owner. Just kidding that’s Nottoway to improve the situation.  Okay Red has to Makah prediction –  if he Haida guess – 5 wins is the best the WFT Caddo this season.

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