Quote for the Day

“Wait and let the process play out, the legal process. These results are still being contested in court. The media has now called it for Joe Biden. They want everyone to shut up, and they say if you dare disagree with their call, that you’re somehow undermining democracy. Well, that’s not actually how our Constitution works.”

Sen. Rafael E. Cruz (TP – Texas)

Cruz is a capable attorney. Cruz knows the election is over. Cruz knows that you need evidence in a courtroom. Cruz knows that any evidence of irregularity or even outright fraud will not be enough to change the outcome. Cruz knows that Trump is lying about a rigged, fraudulent election. Cruz knows that Trump is – as he put it – a “pathological liar’ and “utterly amoral.” Cruz knows that the “media” has the expertise to determine when an election is out of reach for the loser. Cruz knows that attacking the “media” earns him points with members of the Trumpian Party (“TP” f/k/a the Tea Party). Cruz knows that Trump is trying to raise money to retire his campaign debt under the guise of these bogus or futile legal challenges to the election. Cruz knows that Trump is playing the suckers to squeeze more money out of them. Cruz knows that the lawyers leading Trump’s effort are in over their heads and fighting a losing battle. Cruz knows that Giuliani is nuts. Cruz should know that refusing to allow an orderly transition presents a risk to the health and safety of our country and our military. Cruz may suspect that Trump has more nefarious schemes in his pocket.

Of course “Lying Ted” mentions none of that because he is utterly spineless and will never contradict Trump for fear of losing even a fraction of the base.

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