Red’s NFL Rankings 2020 – Week 11

It’s Thanksgiving Week so let’s just get to it.

The Top Ten

  1. Pittsburgh Stealers – They just refuse to be dislodged. Still on top despite Red’s repeated predictions of imminent losses.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs – Not as consistent as they should be but they dispatched the Raiders with an impressive 4th quarter comeback.
  3. New Orleans Saints – Can you say Taysom Hill? Can you say it louder? Payton’s scheme is nothing short of brilliant.
  4. Buffalo Bills – Continuing to climb. A very dangerous team come playoff time with Josh Allen at the helm.
  5. Seattle Seahawks – Back in charge after big win against the Cardinals. Defense must improve to avoid nosedive or first round exit from playoffs.
  6. Green Bay Packers – Cheeseheads unite. You have a good team and voted for the winner.
  7. LA Rams – Call Red surprised but here they are.
  8. Tennessee Titans – An impressive win over the Ravens. Red is probably ranking the Titans too low right now.
  9. Arizona Cardinals – Tough loss to Seahawks but this team will bounce back.
  10. Cleveland Browns – Oh why the hell not?

Best of the Rest

Indianapolis Colts have a playoff path. As do the Miami Dolphins. Baltimore Ravens are looking dodgy with their pathetic passing game. Tampa Bay Buccaneers are fading but probably playoff bound. Las Vegas Raiders are hanging in. Chicago Bears????

A Shit Bowl Every Week

  1. New Jersey Jets. Needs no explanation.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars. Still sucking and lost
  3. Cincinnati Bengals. Tough break in losing Burrow
  4. Dallas Cowboys. Showing signs of life with Red Rifle back.
  5. Houston Texans. That was the offense Red expected.

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