Team Trump Lies – Red Translates

Maybe for last time, Red will translate the lies of President Trump – this time coming from “Team Trump.” Unfortunately, Red will probably have a chance to continue this exercise after the trash is taken out of the White House on Jan. 20.

This email was sent yesterday while Trump was whipping the crowd into a seditious frenzy – so it is of some historical significance.


We need to make sure you’re aware of how important today is (the Revolution starts in about an hour by my watch).

Congress will vote this afternoon to certify, or object to, the Election results (but not if you storm the Capitol). Over 100 Members of Congress have vowed to fight for President Trump and OBJECT TO the results because they are concerned about voting irregularities and potential fraud (despite knowing Trump is a pathological liar and that everything he has said about the election is utter bullshit, we still have them running scared for their political lives).

The stakes have NEVER been higher (well, that is kind of true – Trump’s seditious plan to steal the election is pretty high stakes stuff), Red, President Trump needs YOU to make a statement and publicly stand (or riot if you prefer) with him and FIGHT BACK (find a Capitol Policeman and punch him).

Let’s get 1,000,000 signatures from Americans supporting their President and Vice President and DEMAND transparency (and the theft of this election).

Please add your name NOW to stand with President (Don the Con) Trump and Vice President (Groveling Mike) Pence against the Election results (because those results were not what Trump wanted and Trump always gets his way – facts be damned).

President Trump and Vice President Pence (cross Pence off this list after last night) are really counting on your support right now, Red.

We’re sending them a list of EVERY Patriot (aka Seditious Rioters) who steps up today (up the Capitol Steps and into the House and Senate Chambers). Make sure they see your name.

Please add your name IMMEDIATELY to publicly stand with President Trump and Vice President Pence (fuck him now).

Thank you,

Team Trump (a dwindling band).

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