Hitting Trump Where it Hurts

The PGA has announced that it is pulling the 2022 PGA Tournament (one of the 4 majors) from Trump Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey. Trump has plans to build a mausoleum on the site and be buried there. The mausoleum will be deemed an immovable obstruction with free relief and designated as a spot for golfers to relieve themselves.

The Royal and Ancient also announced that Trump Turnberry in Scotland will not be hosting The Open at anytime in the future and probably not as long as it is owned by Trump or family members. Trump is losing money hand over fist at Turnberry and this will only accelerate the decline as golfers lose interest in a site that will not be hosting a major tournament.

The fact that Trump is a notorious golf cheat should have precluded these organizations from ever even considering hosting a tournament at one of his branded courses. The PGA tour needs to ensure that no tournaments will be played at a Trump-tainted course every again – or at least until 25 years after Trump is dead (and buried at Bedminster) and there has been no association or ownership by any Trump family member for at least that long. The stench might wear off in that time period.

Nothing could really hurt Trump in a more personal way than not getting to strut while a major tournament is played at one of his courses. This is kicking a man in the balls while he is down, then lining up for another shot straight at his scrotum. Red heartily approves.

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