Quote for the Day

“It really is mind-boggling when you look at how many opportunities the party has had to take the exit ramp and get away from Trumpism. The result has become that the Republican party now is an anti-democratic, illiberal, pro-seditionist party.”

Tara Setmayer

Sitting in Texas it is less mind-boggling when you consider the GOP leadership in the Lone Star State. We have a weak-kneed, lead from behind (if leading at all) Governor who has no interest in anything but making sure that Democratic-led cities and counties are unable to govern in a way that displeases him. We have a far-right, power-mad, ideologue of a Lt. Governor who bends or breaks the rules as it suits him. We have a vindictive, indicted, conspiracy nut job Attorney General who uses the AG’s office as a personal playground for his right-wing agenda. We have a sad sack Bush scion as Land Commissioner who must be continually torn between loyalty to his Trump-hating family and his Trump-infatuated base. And for Senators, we have Lying Ted who aided and abetted the Capitol insurrection and Trump bootlick John Cornyn who appears to be afraid of his own shadow despite having just won re-election.

But yes it is somewhat mind-boggling that a philandering, openly corrupt, racist, hate-mongering, lying, serial business failure, prototypical con man who should be disgraced by his post-election attempt to steal an election still holds any sway over what used to be a serious political party.

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