Trump Begs – Red Translates

Red gets crap all the time from the political begging class. But there is no beggar out there that compares to the Defeated and Twice-Impeached Former President. This latest one beggars the imagination. It is pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that Trump’s political operation is nothing more than a thin veneer over his attempt to enrich himself at the expense of the gullible. How stupid do you have to be to fall for this kind of naked conman BS.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: 1 MORE DAY (or until Trump can suck the last dime out of your pocket you incredible dupe)

BREAKING: FIRST TRUMP CASH BLITZ DAY OF 2022 (Cash blitz indeed – Why wouldn’t TrumpI use every tool in my power to fleece the rubes. Notice how we don’t hide it anymore.)

CLAIM 10X-IMPACT >> ​​​​​​
The big day came and went. (And Trump didn’t get con you for near enough of your hard-earned cash) 

My father LOVED our FIRST Trump Cash Blitz Day of the year (he loves taking money from folks who can’t afford it), so he decided to EXTEND your 10X-IMPACT offer for ONE MORE DAY(or however long it takes to satisfy his insatiable need for money – which will be until the day we plant him in the Mausoleum at Bedminster next to the 18th Fairway). He even asked me (please love me Daddy) to personally reach out to YOU to make sure you knew about it.

All you have to do is donate ANY AMOUNT (but make it a big any amount) before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT and your gift will instantly receive a TRUMP CASH BLITZ DAY 10X-IMPACT. (Of course, we can’t tell you where the 10X impact is coming from because it doesn’t exist. It sure aint coming out of any Trumps’ pockets).

This offer will NOT be extended again, Friend (ignore what we said the first time). You need to act NOW before it’s too late. (How often do you get a chance to be conned like this. Well, pretty regularly it turns out.)

Donald Trump, Jr. (President in waiting)

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