Red’s 2022 NFL Predictions – AFC East

Red is rushing this one out to get ahead of the Thursday night opener so no one can accuse him of waiting for the results.

Buffalo Bills – As noted Red missed the greatest game in NFL playoff history for a reason that now seems somewhat foolish – spending time with the Lady Red. But sacrifices have to be made even at Casa Roja. It’s really hard to find something to not like about the Bills. So Red won’t try. Some think a new offensive coordinator will throw a wrench in to the works but Red doesn’t buy it. Simply put, Josh Allen makes everyone on the offense better. Other than S. Diggs there isn’t any truly great offense talent on the Bills, but it just doesn’t matter with Allen under center. Watch how much new addition Jamison Crowder improves with Allen chucking the rock to him. If Allen stays healthy (Case Keenum could win you a game or three if needed), the Bills will score and score again. A top tier defense only gets better with the addition of Von Miller. Could this be the season that the Bills finally get their hands on a Lombardi Trophy? Bills go 15-2 and stomp into the playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

Miami Dophins – There might not be another season like the Dophins’ 2021 season if the NFL lasts another 200 years. After a clos win in week 1, the Fins lost seven in a row including an embarrassing thrashing by the Jaguars (before Urban Meyer’s exit stage right) who broke a 20 count ’em 20 game losing streak. But then, something clicked and the Dophins cranked out a seven game winning streak before blowing a shot in the playoffs in the final weeks. That resulted in showing Brian Flores the door and moving on. For the record, no NFL team has ever had a 7 game losing and 7 game winning streak in the same season. The Dolphins have made some good moves. Speed burner Tyreek Hill helps open any defense as he must always be doubly accounted for. But it all starts with the quarterback. Can Tua Tagovailoa get them to the promised land? Things are looking up in S. Florida, but not that far up. The Dophins are no match for the Bills but maybe can claw into the playoffs with a 10-7 record.

New England Patriots – At one time the New England Patriots owned this division and a weak and spineless Red picked them to win every year until last season. But as George Harrison sang, “All things must pass.” Unfortunately for the Pats, they don’t really pass anymore. Even the arrival of WRs DeVante Parker and Ty Montgomery won’t help if Bellicheat can’t find a quarterback to run his scheme. Overall, this really looks like one of the least talented rosters in the league. But Billy B can do a lot with a little. The Pats probably start no better than 1-3 but then face some weak sisters to rally to a respectable 6-5. Ah, but then reality sets in when they have to play the Bills, Cardinals, Raiders, Bengals, Dolphins and Bills to finish out of the money again. Pats are 7-10 and sitting at home in January.

New York Jets – Does anyone want to hear Red anything about the Jets? Anyone, anyone, Bueller, anyone? Red thought not. Jets are slightly better at 6-11.

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