Red’s 2022 NFL Weekly Roundup – Week 1

Each week Red will rank the NFL Teams from top to bottom or bottom to top or top ten and bottom five or some variation thereof depending on how he feels. Let’s Roll

  1. Buffalo Bills – When you knock off the defending champs in resounding fashion you get the top spot. Nuff said.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs – Would be No.1 but see Buffalo Bills.
  3. Los Angeles Chargers – May be hard pressed to hang in when facing Chiefs without Mr. Allen.
  4. Baltimore Ravens – Stay healthy and hungry.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles – An NFC team had to be in top 5. Eagles earned it. AJ Brown trade looks great so far.
  6. Tampa Bay Bucs – Not too many more pushovers on the schedule. Stay tuned.
  7. Pittsburgh Stealers – In the words of Gomer Pyle – Surprise surprise surprise.
  8. Minnesota Vikings – Count Red among the shocked after dismantling of Packers.
  9. New Orleans Saints – Don’t get your hopes up but enjoy this week
  10. Miami Dolphins – Red rewards teams that beat Bellicheat.
  11. NY Giants – Deserve consideration after knocking off No. 1 AFC seed Tennessee
  12. Chicago Bears – Who’d a thunk it. Fields looks real.
  13. Seattle Seahawks – Nice win. Booing R. Wilson shows lack of class.
  14. LA Rams – A worse opening day could not be imagined.
  15. Cleveland Browns – Revenge tastes okay.
  16. Tennessee Titans – Need to right the ship quickly.
  17. Cincinnati Bengals – Flash in the pan?
  18. Indianapolis Colts – You tied a bad team and are lucky you play in a shitty division.
  19. Las Vegas Raiders – Losing a close one to the Chargers – not the end of the world.
  20. Arizona Cardinals – Red is being kind here. They looked awful Sunday.
  21. Washington Commanders – Dumb name, same old team.
  22. Detroit Lions – Could have beaten the Eagles and taken a big step forward.
  23. Atlanta Falcons – Tough loss and then you get to face the Rams on the road. This may be the best it gets in ‘Lanta.
  24. New England Patriots – They just might suck.
  25. Denver Broncos – Bad schedule = Bad loss.
  26. Houston Texans – Coulda, shoulda, didn’t.
  27. Jacksonville Jaguars – Will do better in cosy confines of Wembley.
  28. Green Bay Packers – They deserve this spot. 7 points!!!!
  29. San Francisco 49ers – Red hates them for making him type 49ers,
  30. Carolina Panthers – Another unfortunate scheduling anomaly.
  31. New York Jets – Just pencil them into this spot.
  32. Dallas Cowboys – You give Red a chance to rank the Cowboys last and damn if he isn’t going to take it. Red Rule is back in place – Score 13 points and beat the Cowboys.

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