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Mom and Dad Must be so Proud

A Texas State student in San Marcos is now driving an child’s electric Barbie car after her license was suspended for DWI.  Apparently, walking  or riding a bike was just  too much for this dedicated student who has attracted a lot of attention for roaming the campus and environs in the pink Barbiemobile.  UPI reports on the attention that the carless co-ed is getting. The moral – don’t let exercise get in the way of your abject laziness.

Tara Monroe, 20, a junior studying industrial engineering, said her license was suspended and her father took her car away after she refused a Breathalyzer test during a DWI stop following a Waka Flocka Flame concert.

“Riding a bike around campus sucks,” Monroe.  “Like really sucks.”

Monroe’s solution came in the form of a $60 electric Barbie Jeep she found for sale on Craigslist. She said she named the vehicle Charlene in honor of its previous owner.

Monroe, for her part, seems to be reveling in the attention.

“Most people don’t find the things me and my friends do very funny, just immature, so I didn’t expect to get this big of a reaction,” she said. “People who don’t know me are shocked but my friends weren’t even surprised because I do stuff like this all the time.”

“This is the best way I could have gotten my 15 minutes of fame,” she said. “Basically, it was the best decision I’ve made in college, yet.”

Yes, Mom and Dad must be so proud.