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Today in Texas History – August 31

From the Annals of Murder –  In 1934, Hutchinson County Treasurer Arthur Huey killed Asa (Ace) Borger in the town that was named after him. Huey was angry after the failure of the Borger State Bank and after Borger failed to post bail when Huey was arrested for embezzlement. Huey pled self-defense, claiming that Borger was after him.  He was acquitted but failed to stay out of trouble.  In 1937, Huey was convicted for theft of county funds and sentenced to the State Pen.  Until his tragic end, Borger had been a relatively successful businessman.   As young man, he had promoted several boomtowns in Oklahoma.  His greatest success came in 1926 when he purchased 240 acres in the Panhandle and organized the Borger Townsite Company. The company began selling lots and grossed between $60,000 and $100,000 on the first day. Later that year,  Borger sold out completely netting more than a million dollars. His house in Borger is a Texas historical landmark.

Photo of Borger in 1927 from http://www.legendsofamerica.com