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Charlie Pallilo Fired

The best sports talk radio host in Texas was fired by feckless KBME AM 790 on Monday.  Charlie Pallilo was the rare sports talk radio host who actually knew something (actually a lot) about sports and devoted the vast majority of his STR show to actually talking about sports.  CP was dedicated to his craft and drew a loyal following of actual sports fans to his afternoon Drive Time show.  In contrast, most of the so-called STR crowd talks about anything but sports and when they do, their lack of understanding and dearth of knowledge of sports history is all too apparent.  CP apparently made the mistake of believing that a sports talk radio show was supposed to be about sports instead of the blather that emanates from the vapid brains of most of the other (read anyone on AM 610 in Houston or 1300 in Austin) STR hosts.  Pallilo also actually took calls from listeners, generally treated them with respect and could play off of almost anyone on any topic.  The actual call-in show is apparently a dying breed and may have signaled his demise.  Ratings are all that matters and CP’s had dipped over the past year leading to his hurried exit from the Houston radio scene.  Maybe he can go to a city where people actually know something about sports and will appreciate his talents.  Houston is a loser today.

And who did the brilliant minds at KBME choose to replace CP.  Complete and total ass-clown Josh Innes who know absolutely nothing about sports.  Red will be deleting AM 790 from his I Heart Radio playlist.