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Today in Texas History – April 7

From the Annals of the Empresarios –  In 1825, Green DeWitt successfully petitioned the Mexican government to settle a colony of “four hundred industrious Catholic families” in Texas between the Lavaca and Guadalupe Rivers.  DeWitt’s Colony was less successful than Austin’s never reaching the maximum allowed number of families before the contract expired.  By 1830, the total population was only 377. The areas of settlement were primarily along the Guadalupe and San Marcos rivers, but also on the tributaries of the Lavaca River.  DeWitt did manage to reach the required minimum of 100 families, and his colonists were allowed to receive land titles.  DeWitt appointed Jose Antonio Navarro as land commissioner.  The land was surveyed by Byrd Lockhart and in 1831 and 1832, 189 titles were issued.