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Texas Cemetary Remains for “Whites Only”

Just when Red thought we were past the most overt expressions of racism in our fair country, people in Texas prove him wrong.  And sure enough, there comes along a recalcitrant bigot or a whole group of them.    This time its a cemetery association and its operator  who somehow think that white people can still discriminate even in death.  The Texas Tribune reports on the racist goings-on at the San Domingo Cemetery in Normanna.

Dorothy Barrera was married to her late husband, Pedro, for more than 40 years before he died in February. He was Hispanic. She is white. Dorothy expected they would eventually be together again when she was buried beside Pedro in the San Domingo Cemetery in the tiny, rural town of Normanna.

But when she looked to bury his ashes in the cemetery, she allegedly ran into the cemetery’s “whites only” policy — an apparent relic of Jim Crow-era segregation in Texas that’s thrust this small community located an hour northwest of Corpus Christi, into a modern-day desegregation fight.

That’s what is alleged in a federal lawsuit brought by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund against the Normanna Cemetery Association, which oversees the cemetery. The lawsuit alleges the association is violating the federal Civil Rights Act by enforcing a “whites only” rule at the San Domingo Cemetery, leaving Hispanics and other non-whites to be buried in the nearby Del Bosque Cemetery.

According to the lawsuit, cemetery operator Jimmy Bradford told Barrera that her request to bury her husband at the cemetery had been denied by the Normanna Cemetery Association. When Barrera questioned the vote, Bradford allegedly responded Pedro Barrera couldn’t be buried there “because he’s a Mexican” and directed her to “go up the road and bury him with the n—– and Mexicans,” the federal complaint details.

Is the irony that a cemetery named “San Domingo” wants to prohibit Hispanics from being buried within its august confines lost on anyone other than Red?  Well Mr. Jimmy Bradford, if these allegations are true, Red hopes your racist proclivities are proclaimed far and wide throughout the nation and that you are widely exposed as the ignorant bigot that you appear to be.  No doubt this overt racism will be cloaked in the veil of religious freedom.  And no doubt Mr. Bradford and his cohorts will be voting for Donald Trump.

Photo from thescoopblog.dallasnews.com