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Poor Little Rich Kid Ethan Couch Headed to the Pokey – For Now

There may be some small bit of justice for the victims of Ethan Couch – the so-called Affluenza teen who killed four and seriously injured two others in a drunk-driving crash in Fort Worth.  At the time of the  wreck, Couch has a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit – from drinking beer stolen from a Walmart.  At his juvenile trial, Couch’s defense team claimed that the 16 year-old was not to blame for his reckless actions because his parents were – well, bad parents.  Couch was apparently allowed to drive himself to school as early as age 13 and already had a nasty drinking habit by age 15.  The defense was probably correct about Couch’s worthless parents, but the nation was outraged when Couch avoided any detention time.  The outrage grew when Couch violated the conditions of his probation by drinking and then escaped to Mexico with mother Tonya to avoid further criminal sanctions.

Since being returned to Texas, Couch has remained in jail and today, a Texas judge finally held Couch accountable for his actions.  Couch appeared in regular court for the first time since he turned 19 on Monday and it did not go well for the young man.  State District Court Judge Wayne Salvant initially indicated that he would not immediately rule on how much longer Couch would spend in the Tarrant County jail.  Judge Salvant abruptly changed his mind after hearing an argument from prosecutors that Couch should be sentenced not to 120 days in jail for the crash, but to 180 days for each of four counts of intoxication manslaughter under a separate part of Texas code.

But before we praise Salvant too much for finally holding Couch truly accountable for his heinous actions, it must be noted that Salvant indicated that he may reconsider his ruling after further briefing from legal counsel.  Now if they would only put Tonya Couch away for a good long while . . .

Fat, Drunk and Stupid is No Way to Go Through College Son

Cody Nichols, a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at Texas State University, is reported to have paid over $1,200 for a cab ride from New Orleans to the fraternity house in San Marcos this past weekend.  Nichols reported a story to Total Frat Move  (who knew?) in which he was drinking on Bourbon Street when he got separated from his date and his group, then lost his phone in a fight in front of his hotel, jumped in a cab to avoid arrest and told the driver to take him to his frat house.  The driver balked telling Nichols that it would cost over $700, but Nichols pulled out his credit card and off they went.  Nichols apparently was very confused as he thought he was on 6th Street in Austin.  A $1200 cab ride later, he was back in San Marcos.  But Nichols wasn’t through yet.  He allegedly spent another $400 to fly back to New Orleans to meet back up with his disgusted date and the rest of the group for the bus ride back to San Marcos.

The parents must be very proud.  Red is the first to admit that he did a few things in his younger days that might not look so good on the resume, but nothing like this. Red also has to admit that Nichols is not fat.