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Today in Texas History – December 9

From the Annals of New Spain –  In 1716 Martín de Alarcón was appointed Spanish governor of Texas.  This was Alarcon’s second stint as Spanish Governor of Coahuila y Tejas having previously served from 1705 to 1708.   He is considered to be the founder of San Antonio in 1718 with the establishment of the San Antonio de Valero Mission (later known as the Alamo) and the municipality of Bejar which  became San Antonio.  His second term was marred by difficulties with the far-flung missions in East Texas which were poorly supplied and failing in their essential mission of converting native peoples such as the Hasanai to Christianity.  The ambitions of the French also troubled his administration as French troops continued unchecked military adventures in Texas.  He was removed from office in 1717.

Image of Alarcon from http://www.hmdb.org