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Today in Texas History – May 29

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From the Annals of the Dust Bowl – In 1939, the State Soil Conservation Board came into existence.  The SSCB was created in response to the horrific losses of cropland topsoil during the Dust Bowl drought of the 1930’s which drove many small farmers and ranchers from their land.  The SSCB’s mission was to oversee and implement state conservation laws and organize and assist soil-conservation districts across the state.   The SSCB’s headquarters were in Temple.  The Governor appointed five board members to establish policies to prevent further loss of topsoil including construction of terraces and inmplementation of modern farming practices to prevent erosion.

In 1965, the agency was renamed as the State Soil and Water Conservation Board. Over the years the board has coordinated a variety of programs.  There are now 216 local soil and water conservation districts in Texas.