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Red’s World Cup Update

Here is how Red fared in his Group Play predictions.

Group A Red – Uruguay and Egypt      Group A Results – Uruguay and Russia

Group B Red – Portugal and Spain      Group B Results – Spain and Portugal

Group C Red – France and Peru          Group C Results – France and Denmark

Group D Red – Argentina & Iceland   Group D Results – Croatia and Argentina

Group E Red – Brazil & Costa Rica      Group E Results – Brazil and Switzerland

Group F Red – Germany & Mexico     Group F Results – Sweden and Mexico

Group G Red – Belgium & England    Group G Results – England and Belgium

Group H Red – Columbia & Poland   Group H Results – Columbia and Japan

Red was 10 of 16 for the Round of 16.  A really good grouping would be 12 or more out of 16, but Red is far from embarrassed by his picks.  Red certainly did not see Croatia, Switzerland or Sweden as the powerhouses that they have proved to be in Group Play.  Picking Peru over Denmark was probably Red’s biggest blunder followed by picking a shaky Egypt side over the team playing on home soil.  Germany heading home probably surprised all but a very few prognosticators, but that is what happens when you score one goal – one goal!

Red’s knock-out round picks will be up tomorrow.

Is There No End to Their Evil?

FIFA has elected Sepp Blatter to a fifth term to lead the organization which almost single-handedly controls the biggest sport in the world.  The 209 FIFA member federations voted to keep Blatter despite the allegations of massive corruption occurring during Blatter’s watch.  The 79-year-old Blatter outpolled Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan by 133-73 in the first round of voting.  The Prince, who promised of a clean break from Blatter’s legacy of corruption, conceded defeat.

“I like you, I like my job,” Blatter said to cheering voters. “I am not perfect, nobody is perfect, but we will do a good job together I am sure.”

Blatter isn’t on the same continent with perfect. Blatter wouldn’t know perfect if Red attached it to briefcase filled with 100’s and handed it to him.   And it is hard to fathom what FIFA members considered to be a “good job.”  If their definition includes almost unlimited opportunities for fraud, graft and corruption, then Blatter is probably the right guy.

Red loves his soccer, but this stain on the world’s greatest game must be expunged.  Red urges all soccer fans to write their national federation demanding that they not participate in the 2018 and 2022 World Cups unless and until a full and complete investigation is undertaken into the award of the World Cup Finals to Russia and Qatar.  Both awards are clearly tainted by massive corruption.  Heads need to roll.  And Blatter’s should be the first.