Jade Helm 15 Update, Cont.

Red was driving all over central Texas and environs this weekend.  And while he can report that the Stonewall peach crop appears to be excellent – $35 for a small bushel of golden goodness – the sneaky jack-booted thugs of the Federal Gummint sent to take away our wives, children and most importantly guns were unfortunately nowhere to be found.  This is only more evidence that the JH15 plan is working.  We are being lulled into a false sense of security that will make it even easier for Obama to impose his Stalinist dictatorship when the moment comes.  Red purposefully left Mrs. Red alone for a couple of hours as tempting bait for the Obamist forces.  Red forgot to leave her with one of Red’s less expensive weapons to make the target even more tempting – a mistake Red won’t make again.

Vigilantly yours,



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