Eating Out is Fun?

Red always thought that the Texas Restaurant Association had the best slogan/motto ever created.  Well, because eating out is in fact usually fun.  Or at least it was when eating out was not something that you did every day and was something of a special treat.  The slogan was apparently first used by the National Restaurant Association in 1947 and later used by the TRA from 1956 onwards.  It does seem to have faded from use.

Well Austin has taken the TRA mantra to heart.  When Red was recently in Austin, there appeared to be a restaurant every 75 feet.  Red has been unable to get a fix on exactly how many restaurants there are in Austin, but the number seems to be extraordinary.  Driving down lower South Lamar alone, Red counted over 50 restaurants in what used to be essentially a dry gulch.  In order to sustain the number of dining establishments observed, everyone in Austin must eat out at least 7 times a week. Is eating out still fun?

1 thought on “Eating Out is Fun?

  1. katydidknot

    A few years ago, i read that Houston had the most restaurants per cappita in the country. I don’t know whether that still holds true.

    I will say that despite this, Houstonians, um… Never mind. I’m not going to make the joke.



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