Jade Helm Update, Cont.

Red and Mrs. Red were watching an X-Files rerun last night which got Red to thinking about how much the Feds are hiding from us.  That dang Muldar and Scully could never quite get the goods on the massive cover-ups of the alien invasion and other well-documented bizarre phenomena.  So what chance do the rest of us have?  And while there have been some photos of JH15 operations out there, Red hasn’t heard one single credible report of the jack-booted thugs of the Obamaocracy coming to take away or women, children and most importantly guns.  Of course, this is all very disappointing.  But rest assured it only means that the sneak attack on our way of life will be even more – well, sneaky.  If you have any reports of abductions by the JH15 commies, please let Red know so that he can tell the world all about it.

Vigilantly yours,



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