Jade Helm 15 Update, Cont.

As we enter the 12th day of Jade Helm 15 it has been a deadly dozen days.  Deadly quiet that is. But that aint fooling us Texans.  And it must be noted that Pres. Obama has been in the ancestral homeland and unable to personally direct the round up of our women, children and most importantly guns.

Meanwhile, the Daily Texan reports  that a June 25 poll conducted by the Texas Politics Project from UT and The Texas Tribune revealed that nearly 44 percent of Texans believed the federal government would likely send troops to impose martial law, and 43 percent believed the federal government would likely confiscate their firearms. Red believes that 43.5% of Texans can’t be wrong about anything. If you’re over 50% then things are different – witness repeatedly electing Rick Perry as governor – but in the 40’s you are on solid ground.  So despite all visible signs that there is absolutely nothing going on, it is just a matter of time before the jack-booted storm troopers descend like a swarm of angry wasps thinking they’re gonna open a fresh can of ass whip on your town.  So stay alert and report back to Red.

Vigilantly yours,



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