Jade Helm 15 Update, Cont.

Red has plumb lost track of how many days we are now into the massive Jade Helm 15 conspiracy in which the jack-booted thugs of the federal government are coming to Texas to take away our women, children and most importantly guns.  As far as Red can see, the Feds have yet to take away a single one of the aforementioned WCAMIG’s.  But this is how the war is won.  First, you get your opponent all riled up and in such a froth that they can’t hardly think straight.  Check.  Second, you give a plausible explanation for your actions that soothes the weak-minded.  Check.  Third, you roll out the troops in the most non-confrontational manner possible.  Check.  Fourth, you lull the rest of the populace to sleep by seemingly doing nothing to take away their WCAMIG’s.  Check.  Fifth, you keep doing that. Check.  Sixth, you swoop in and lickety-split grab the WCAMIG’s while the vigilant ones have fallen asleep on the couch during a baseball game after 6 beers and 2 plates of nachos.

Don’t let it happen to you!

Vigilantly yours,



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