Well That Didn’t Take Long – Perry Advisor Jumps to Trump

Sam Clovis, the former Iowa Chair for Rick Perry’s flagging campaign, has landed with Donald Trump and will serve as his national co-chairman and policy adviser.

“I had an opportunity to get to know Mr. Trump over the past several months. I have some close friends working on the campaign. It’s a great opportunity for me to effect change in Washington, and I think Mr. Trump is exactly the person to do that.”

Perry had attempted to separate himself from some of the other also-rans in the massive GOP field by directly attacking trump. That must make Clovis’ switch to the GOP front runner an even more bitter pill for the former Texas Governor to swallow. Perry’s perilous position was weakened by Clovis’ abrupt departure earlier this week. Clovis has indicated that Perry’s vocal criticism of Trump does not represent his views. Now with the Iowa power-broker firmly in Trump’s corner, the end of Perry’s political life seems inevitable. Despite a recent influx of cash, Perry’s campaign is still having trouble meeting payroll.

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