Today in Texas History – August 28

From the Annals of Nueva Espana –  In 1767, Hugo Oconór was appointed as governor ad interim of the Spanish province of Texas.  Oconor, who was of Irish descent, had flaming red hair and was called the “Red Captain” by the Native Americans.  He was inspector general of the Provincias Internas in 1765, when he traveled to Texas to investigate trouble between Governor Ángel de Martos y Navarrete and Rafael Martinez Pacheco  concerning San Agustín de Ahumada Presidio. With the removal of Martos y Navarrete on August 28, 1767, Oconór became governor ad interim of Texas.  The province was troubled by attacks from numerous Native American tribes. In particular, the Apaches were regularly raiding San Antonio de Bexar. Oconór reinforced San Antonio and was so generally highly regarded for his leadership that his return to Mexico in 1770 was greatly lamented by the soldiers and citizens of the province.

Painting of Don Hugo Oconor from the Joel D. Valdez Library, Pima County, Tuscon, Arizona


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