Poachers Beware

According to reports from NBC Channel 5 in Dallas, Texas Game Wardens are gearing up to crack down on poachers this hunting season.  Most people probably do not understand how much of nuisance and actual danger these outlaws pose.  Not to mention giving a bad name to all hunters.  Now Red is far from a big time hunter, but he has taken out a few wild hogs and deer in his time.  The hogs because they are destructive pests that breed like – well, wild hogs – and harm native flora and fauna, and the deer because Red makes a mean venison sauerbraten.  Red can go out for a weekend hunt and be perfectly content to enjoy nature, do some birding, and take a hike through the woods without ever firing a shot.  Plus, Red enjoys the fact that it drives some of his rabidly conservative acquaintances practically bonkers when he tells them he will be out hunting this weekend.  They have a lot of trouble processing that one.  Red has observed some illegal poaching on occasion and there is very little that makes Red madder.  One of the cardinal rules when hunting is to know where everyone is going to be.  One cannot know where the poacher will be.  And therein lies the problem.  As mad as they make him, Red has no inclination to take out a poacher and is even less inclined to want to be taken out by one.  So Poachers Beware, the long arm of the law is watching, but they require your help.  Game Wardens rarely catch someone out of the blue.  The vast majority of poaching cases begin with an anonymous phone call to the Texas Operation Game Thief hotline at 800-792-GAME (4263).


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