Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned . . .

I brought a loaded .38 Special to Mass.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso has announced that it will not allow concealed or open carry in its churches.   According to KFOX-14, the Chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso, Patricia Fierro, has indicated that the decision will into effect by next week.

KFOX14 wanted to find out how people felt about the diocese’s decision not to allow open carry.
Harry Sorensen, of West El Paso, says, “I think it’s a good idea on the church’s behalf. That’s their prerogative that they want to do. If they feel comfortable with people having weapons in the church that (is) their business.”
Daniel Fraire, of West El Paso, says, “I don’t think there’s any reason why we need guns in a church.  Although, there have been attacks in a church so I can see why people would want to take their gun in a church in a way.” 
Fierro doesn’t think their policy will impact whether people still go to their church.
“I’m thinking we might lose members if we allow them to bring guns into the church . . . But I think they’ll feel more secure if we keep the guns away.”

People have their own theories about the impact the decision could have on churchgoers.
Sorensen says, “They probably won’t go to church if they aren’t allowed to carry but that just depends on the person I suppose.”
“Why not see it both ways?” says Fraire.
He says, “Allow two separate Masses. Have one where guns are allowed and one where guns aren’t allowed. At least you can divide the people based on that.”

And the parishioners can fire in the air after the homily.


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