Ted Cruz Doesn’t Debate

Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) has mastered the art of the non-debate.  Here are the 10 basic rules:

  1. Never actually answer a question, it’s a sign of weakness.
  2. Never admit you made a mistake – other than a clerical error.
  3. Have a bag full of ready-to-deliver snarky comebacks and veiled insults.
  4. Talk over your opponents during their time.
  5. Attack the media whenever possible – especially when they are reporting truthfully about you.
  6. Perfect a disgusted, dismayed look that says – I can’t believe they aren’t smart enough to take everything I say for the gospel truth.
  7. Use that finger.
  8. Begin response with vicious attack on questioner – then segue to warm and meaningless family anecdote.
  9. When disgusted, dismayed look doesn’t work – turn to icy stare.
  10. Never actually answer a question.

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