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Vote for Trump – You don’t have long left anyway

CNN reports that life expectancy is widely variable depending on where you reside in the U.S.  The county-by-county map is pretty interesting.  Red counties have the shortest life expectancy followed by increasingly lighter shades of orange and yellow.  The bluem blue-green and green counties  are where life expectancy is the greatest.

Choropleth map of United States showing life expectancy in each county

Now let’s look at the county-by-county 2018 presidential election map shaded to show relative results.  Dark red are the counties where Trump won by the largest margin and dark blue for Hillary.  .

2016 US Presidential Election Map By County & Vote Share

Notice any correlation?

Today in Texas History – March 23

From the Annals of Lying Ted – In 2015, Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) announced that he would seek the GOP nomination for President.  Cruz who had held elective office for less than 2 years and was widely reported to be the most hated man in the U.S. Senate seemed a long shot at the time but stunned observers by winning the Iowa Caucuses.  That win kept him in the race for the long haul.  Cruz racked up several more primary and caucus wins including Texas.  Cruz’s campaign, however, was dogged by accusations and proof of various “dirty tricks” including a misinformation campaign about Ben Carson before the Iowa Caucus and a smear campaign against Marco Rubio.  These problems resulted in Donald Trump (amazingly now it seems) tagging his as “Lying Ted.”  In the end, Cruz was unable to match the bombastic firepower of Donald Trump and was forced to suspend his campaign after losing in Indiana.  There was talk of Cruz attempting to engineer a brokered convention but that fell apart with Trump’s closing rush.  It is hard to say how the losing run will affect Cruz’s political future.  He seems certain to draw an opponent in the Republican primary in 2018.

On a personal note, Red can state that within in 10 minutes of meeting Ted Cruz (well before he became a major public figure), he was convinced that he was about the most obnoxious person he had ever met.

Trump’s “Landslide”

As readers know, Red fully supports the full implementation of the Trump/GOP agenda – beginning with putting Hillary in jail – because Red believes that the people should get the government they deserve.  And in this case the people deserve to get screwed by Trump, something that he has distinctly mastered in his business career.

But Red’s full-throated support for –  building the wall (at Mexico’s expense), deporting 11 million aliens, jailing (or if you really believe abortion is murder giving the death penalty or life without parole) to women who get abortions and the doctors who perform them, eviscerating environmental regulations, making the wealthy wealthier and letting Vlad Putin rebuild the Evil Empire, –  does not and will not get in the way of Red calling “Bullshit” where he sees it.

The number one piece of bullshit being touted by the Trumpistas right now is that Trump won in a landslide.  It’s  always TRUMP WON IN AN electoral college LANDSLIDE!!!  In typical Trump fashion, the belief apparently is that if you repeat Bullshit often enough, people will come to believe it.  Well Bullshit is Bullshit and this landslide talk is utter Bullshit.

We all know Trump lost the popular vote by a wide margin.  He got a smaller percentage of the popular vote than Romney, McCain and Kerry – the last 3 losers.  He did win the Electoral College – but hardly in a landslide.  He will be president because he won Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.  Let’s break it down.

Michigan – Trump wins by 11,000 votes out of over 2.5 million votes cast

Pennsylvania – Trump wins by 45,000 votes out of almost 6 million votes cast

Wisconsin – Trump wins by 23,000 votes out of about 2.8 million votes cast

That is 79,000 votes that swung 46 Electoral College votes to Trump –  which is more than his “Landslide” margin of victory in the EC.  To put it in perspective that is about like Beaumont deciding the presidential election.

So stop with the “Landslide” nonsense.  Here is what a real Electoral College Landslide looks like.

Sorry Jimmy, but Ronnie put a butt-whipping on you in 1980.



Do You Hear that Sound, Donald?

It’s the fat lady warming up.

Most prognosticators, including Red, believe that Donald Trump killed off whatever last chance he had at turning the election around when he refused to acknowledge that he would accept the results of the election should he lose.  And given Putin’s interference in the election through hacking of the Democrats, there was still a chance.  Yes, there might be legitimate grounds for asking for a recount or challenging specific aspects of the vote, but Trump’s comments were in line with his previous claim that the election is “rigged” and that the American people cannot trust their local election officials (the majority of whom are in fact Republicans) to conduct an open and fair vote.  This is a basic repudiation of electoral system and our democracy and reveals the true character of Trump as a whining, petulant bully who is the first to cry foul when he doesn’t get his way.

Hillary to Advertise on TV in Texas

In a move not seen in almost 20 years, a Democratic candidate for President will be running TV ads in solidly Red Texas.  Texas viewers are typically limited to seeing national TV ads as neither Democrats nor Republicans viewed the state as needing their attention.  The limited one-week roll out in Texas will run a 30-second spot in the major media markets of Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. The actual size of the ad buy is not known.

The Clinton ad follows in the wake of Dallas Morning News editorial board’s endorsement of Clinton last month.  The very conservative DMN had not endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate in 75 years.  The Clinton ad plays off of the historical significance of the DMN endorsement and directly quotes the paper in criticizing Trump’s judgment and praising of Clinton’s bipartisan credentials.  “At this moment in time, for Texas and for America, Hillary for president,” a narrator concludes.

Red has to think this is money wasted by the Clinton campaign.  Trump is still going to win Texas no matter what he says or does.  Red could see spending the money if there were any competitive races in Texas that could help swing Congress to the Democratic side.  But neither Cornyn or “Lyin’ Ted” are up this cycle and other than the Will Hurd-Pete Gallego race in the 23rd District in West Texas, the Democrats have no chance to flip a Texas district thanks to extreme gerrymandering by the GOP controlled legislature.  So is this all for show, or is there something else going on?  Red for one would like to know.

Red Decides to Help the Grand Old Party

In the interest of continuing to have at least a viable two way contest for the highest office in the land, Red had decided that the GOP needs some help to remain competitive in presidential politics.  Red firmly believes that voter in the USA need to hear voices from all sides and make an informed choice. So listen up conservative America because Red has lived with you all dang near all his life and even once saw Dick Nixon play the piano. The best advice Red can give the Republicans is pretty simple.

             Stop nominating Assholes!

Best of luck with that strategy in the future.

Ted Cruz – Servile Puppy Dog

Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) ended any doubt that he has not a shred of integrity by endorsing Donald Trump for the Presidency today.  Cruz refused to endorse Trump at the GOP Convention and later defended his refusal to do so by stating that he was not a “servile puppy dog.”  Showing some spine, Cruz backed down on his pledge to endorse the GOP nominee when faced with the distasteful prospect of endorsing a reality show con-man like Trump for the most important office on the planet.  So Ted has endorsed a man that claimed his father was involved in JFK’s assassination, called his wife ugly, and who, in his own words, he believes is “utterly amoral”, a “pathological liar” and a “narcissistic bully.”  And those were some of the nicer things Lyin’ Ted had to say about The Donald.  Cruz was clearly running for cover in making the endorsement as it was looking more and more like a failure to endorse Trump would put an end to the one thing that Cruz values most of all – the greater glorification of all things Ted Cruz.

Trump Tackles Texas for Love and Most Importantly Money

GOP nominee Donald Trump will be in Texas today at fund raisers in Fort Worth and Austin. After fund raising in Cowtown and the Capital, Trump will hold a prime-time rally at the facility east of Austin where the Travis County Rodeo is held every Winter.  It’s an odd choice for the event, but the timing is even odder.   Raising money is normal, what is unusual is the GOP candidate holding a rally in reliably red Texas this late in the campaign.  The Dallas Morning News points out that the last presidential candidate to stage an event this late in the fall campaign in Texas was Bob Dole in 1996.

Trump’s quick Texas swing is motivated by cash needs. The campaign hopes to haul in more than $3 million from Texas donors, and the rally is an afterthought – but one that is sure to draw attention and TV coverage.

Ten Things Donald Trump Could Say and Not Lose Support from the Tea Party Wing

1. Slavery, really not so bad.  We should consider giving it another chance.

2. Defeating Hitler.  Bad idea from the Democrats.  Cost a lot of lives for nothing. I would have voted against that.

3. Executing innocent people.  It happens.  Maybe we need to execute more innocent people to make this country great again.  Only I can make that happen.

4. Wait for it folks.  January 21, 2017, I will be declared your new dictator-for-life.  Trust me, it’s gonna be great.

5. Last night I offed a homeless illegal immigrant.  Took out my Glock and I blew his f&#king head off. Didn’t even have to get out of the limo.  That’s one down, 11,999,999 to go.

6. Can you believe those morons that paid to attend Trump University?  What a bunch of pathetic losers.  They deserved to have me steal their money.

7.  I wear ladies underwear – bra and panties.

8.  If you lost a son or daughter in Iraq, well sorry.  My boys were too busy killing big game in Africa to fool with fighting in a war.  That’s what smart rich kids do. And if they had, they wouldn’t have been stupid enough to die for their country.

9. I remember when Hillary was working as a prostitute.  I’d see her on the street and kept wondering who pays good money to stup that.

10. I worship Satan and let me tell you it’s  fabulous.  You can’t believe what a great guy he is.  The ladies love him.  God is so jealous.


Texas’ Very Own Spineless Weasel from the Species bushpolitico spinoabsentata

George Pee Bush endorsed Donald Trump for President on Monday and urged other to vote for the man who had such nice things to say about dear old Dad JEB!!!!$$$$? (damn it feels good to type that one again!).  Here’s a sample.

“He’s a total stiff, Jeb Bush.”  Red has to disagree here as this seems to imply the presence of a spine – something demonstrably lacking in this species.

“Loser.” Hard to argue with that one in retrospect.

“The last thing we need is another Bush.”  Again, Red has to concede on that one – but shouldn’t George Pee be taking notes for future reference.

“Not a smart man.”  Trump nails it again. Red has it on good authority that JEB!!!!$$$$?’s college roommate referred to him as “the stupidest person I have ever met.”

“Here’s a guy, honestly, if he weren’t in government, you wouldn’t hire him to do anything, okay? If you had a company you wouldn’t even hire him.”  But wouldn’t the lack of hiring prevent the Donald from using his “You’re Fired” tag line. Oh well, sacrifices must be made for the greater cause.

“I don’t have a lot of respect for Jeb. Jeb’s a lightweight.”    Red assumes that “featherweight” is a bit too obscure.

“He’s a sad person who has gone absolutely crazy. I mean, this guy is a nervous wreck.”  Cue the violins.

And finally, the greatest insult of all.

“He’s an embarrassment to his family.”  Considering the considerable competition in the familial embarrassment category available from big brother’s track record of incompetence, Dad’s humiliating loss to Slick Willie and little brother’s shameful business dealings, Red can’t really imagine that anything worse could be said about JEB!!!!$$$$?

So what kind of completely spineless weasel, suck up, sycophant endorses someone who has said these things about his father?