Mom Said Smoking all that Dope Would Make You Stupid

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports that a 27-year-old man has been arrested for stealing a life-size Miley Cyrus inflatable doll from an adult video (read porn) store. The doll was found in his backpack along with some marijuana when he was stopped on Wednesday for riding his bicycle the wrong way on a highway frontage road.

About 3:02 p.m. police saw the man rode his bike the wrong way near Interstate Highway 37 and Corn Products Road, according to a Corpus Christi police news release. The officer found marijuana in the man’s pockets. After the officer searched the man’s backpack, he found the life-size Cyrus doll.

The officer knew of a theft reported at an adult video store at 7430 Intestate Highway 37, a few minutes before he made the traffic stop, the release states. After investigation officers found the man matched the description of the person reported to have stolen the inflatable doll, which was estimated at $49.95.

Was that an officially licensed Miley Cyrus doll or a cheap Chinese knock-off?


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