Ted Cruz – Should we or Should we not Execute all the Gays

Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) may have backed just slightly away from the precipice of utter insanity – not to mention complete disregard of constitutional protections when he admitted that it may have been a mistake to appear on the stage at Kevin Swanson’s Kill the Gays Rally in November.   At the rally, Swanson called for wholesale extermination of homosexuals claiming support from Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  Swanson, showing his softer side, would give the gays a chance to repent, but failing that makes no apology in advocating for the roundup and extermination of his gay brethren.  Swanson is a little unclear on exactly how this fits in with constitutional protections for the accused and a trial by jury of one’s peers.  Those constitutional niceties are apparently brushed aside the word of God as expressed by his servant Paul – who was also in favor of slavery by the way.   Right after Swanson’s screaming rant calling for mass murder, Ted was happy to take the stage.  After all, Dad Rafael had appeared before the audience earlier throwing actual chunks of red meat to hungry listeners.    Despite his recent creep towards sanity, Cruz still welcomes Swanson’s endorsement.  Apparently the protections of the Constitution are good for straight white people.   Everyone else – not so much.


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