Jeb!!!!$$$$? Pulls Out

Jeb!!!!$$$$? suspended his presidential campaign after a lackluster 4th place finish in South Carolina on Saturday.  Red is relieved because another Bush presidency might have just driven him over the edge.   With that in mind, here are the best comments overheard yet about Jeb!!!!$$$$?’s withdrawal.

“What, he was still running?”

“Looks like his mom was right.”

“He certainly was . . . a tall candidate.”

“Damn, now we won’t get to invade another country that doesn’t pose a direct threat to the U.S.”

” And there goes the only man who could make his big brother look smart.”

“I was looking forward to seeing him get 7% of the vote in Texas and show the nation we aren’t quite as dumb as we seem.”

“What’s George P. up to – besides hating his job?”

“Giving new meaning to “Bush League.”

“His college roommate said he was the dumbest man he had ever met.  Guess he didn’t know Marco Rubio.”

“$2800 per vote just doesn’t go as far as you might think.”

“What, he was still running?”


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