Michael Berry, Liar or Merely Idiot?

Red listens to Michael Berry’s vile screed that passes for a radio show ever now and again.  Red believes that into every life some pain must be self-inflicted.  Yesterday Berry was going on and on about his Redneck Country Club bar and how wonderful it is.  It was essentially an unpaid commercial for his drinking establishment and Red knows that MB likes to drink – occasionally at gay bars even – and then drive into a parked car and flee the scene.  But Red digresses.  The RNCC was the site for the election night fete of Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas).  Berry was proud to host his long-time friend and fellow right wing zealot.  But Berry could not say enough about how people of all races, creeds and colors are welcome at RNCC and just love it – absolutely love it.  Red wonders do they love going to a place that regularly features a racist cross-dressing redneck performing in blackface and lampooning African Americans with vicious stereotypes.   Her stage name is Shirley Q. Liquor and is a regular on MB’s radio show.


Red has to admit that it takes incredible stones (or abject stupidity) to be as openly racist as Berry (who has likened black teenagers to “jungle animals” and who claims most white people  “would like to get as far from black people as they possibly could and never have to see another black person”) and SQL (just look at the photo please).

The fact that Cruz would hold an event in such a venue, tells Red everything he needs to know about the junior senator.



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