New York Has Cruz Problem Figured Out – Just Ignore Him

The all-consuming ego of Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) took a hit last night when his speech was almost completely ignored by the crowd at a gala event at the Grand Hyatt in Midtown Manhattan.  After Donald Trump and even John Kasich got welcome receptions, the audience snubbed the brash Texan.  Cruz, trying to look gallant in a tuxedo (unsure if it was combined with cowboy boots), began with a joke in reference to Trump’s speech, which was mostly a detailed list of his various real estate and construction ventures. “I will admit to you, I haven’t built any buildings in New York City,” Cruz said.  As the say at the bullfights – Silencio.

Cruz did not fare any better with his standard stump speech – a diatribe that anyone paying attention to the GOP race has already heard multiple times.  But his scripted applause lines fell flat as most of the audience quickly stopped paying attention.  As Cruz droned on, the crowd grew increasingly loud and less interested in Cruz with many people talking amongst themselves, milling about, and eating and drinking.   It’s hard to say the crowd was anything other than rude to our Junior Senator, but then again, one might think that Ted must be used to people hating him by now.  However, for a complete narcissist like Cruz the worst possible thing is to be ignored.  He can only hope that the nation ignores his likely third place finish in New York.

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