Red is For Secession – of the GOP

Today Texas Republicans will debate and vote on whether Texas should secede from the United States.  While the chances are slim that there are enough certifiably insane delegates to the GOP convention to pass a secession resolution, Red can’t wait to hear the arguments for it.  The less bat-shit crazy wing of the GOP wants nothing to do with this nonsense as they are too busy worrying about which bathroom someone might decide to use or that some woman somewhere in Texas might actually exercise her right to obtain an abortion or that minorities might be able to vote or that school textbooks don’t sufficiently laud the many benefits of slavery in the Old South.  But actual secession – once a topic only for the lunatic fringe –  is now within the mainstream for many of the GOP faithful.

In Red’s humble opinion, the resolution needs only a minor modification to make it palatable.  If the GOP wants to secede from Texas, Red is all for it.  They can have Dallas, East Texas and Midland-Odessa.


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