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Secessionists Take Heart from Brexit Movement

Secession fever never completely cools among certain Texans.  And the Texas Nationalist Movement in particular is taking advantage of the impending Brexit vote to pump for a similar vote on Texas secession.  The Guardian has the story from Daniel Miller, the leader of TNM, and his group’s plan to create an independent Texas – one suspects with him at the helm.

How closely is Daniel Miller tracking the news ahead of the referendum about whether Britain should leave the European Union? “Hourly!” he grins. The Sun’s recent editorial calling for the UK’s departure got him quite excited.

Miller, though, is not from London or Liverpool. He hails from Longview, Texas, and we are talking in a cafe in the bleakly industrial Gulf coast town of Port Arthur, some 5,000 miles from Westminster.

Culturally, too, we are a long way from Europe. Heck, we are even a long way from Dallas. But the referendum matters deeply to Miller and like-minded Texans. As the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, which wants Texas to secede from the United States, he is hoping for a Leave vote that he believes will ripple all the way from Austria to Austin.

“There are a lot of people asking, if Brexit why not Texit?” he says. “I do talk with some folks over there on a pretty regular basis that are involved in Ukip and the Conservative party.”

Red is For Secession – of the GOP

Today Texas Republicans will debate and vote on whether Texas should secede from the United States.  While the chances are slim that there are enough certifiably insane delegates to the GOP convention to pass a secession resolution, Red can’t wait to hear the arguments for it.  The less bat-shit crazy wing of the GOP wants nothing to do with this nonsense as they are too busy worrying about which bathroom someone might decide to use or that some woman somewhere in Texas might actually exercise her right to obtain an abortion or that minorities might be able to vote or that school textbooks don’t sufficiently laud the many benefits of slavery in the Old South.  But actual secession – once a topic only for the lunatic fringe –  is now within the mainstream for many of the GOP faithful.

In Red’s humble opinion, the resolution needs only a minor modification to make it palatable.  If the GOP wants to secede from Texas, Red is all for it.  They can have Dallas, East Texas and Midland-Odessa.

Rick Perry for President – of Texas?

The Texas Nationalist Movement is launching a petition drive to put a vote for secession on the primary ballot in March.  It requires 75,000 signatures to get such a question on the ballot and Red predicts that TNM will have no problem meeting that goal.  The question would be obviously non-binding and meaningless, but would be an early indicator of the actual level of fervor for Texas secession among the restless natives.

The only possible path to legal succession would be for the state to request Congress enact legislation authorizing secession and to have it approved by the U.S. and Texas.  That seems a long shot at best.  The illegal means would be to declare secession and essentially start a revolution.  That didn’t work out so well the first time.

Red has a couple of thoughts about what might actually happen if Texas secedes.

  1. Jeff Davis will be back on the south mall at UT.
  2. Illegal immigration to Texas will balloon.
  3. Texas’ economy will go in the tank for about 10 years.
  4. Within 50 years, Mexico will invade and reclaim Texas as its own.