Today in Texas History – July 25

From the Annals of the Civil War –  In 1861, the Crittenden-Johnson Resolution was passed by the U.S. Congress.  The resolution sought to reassure the border states of Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland and pro-slavery Unionists that the Civil War was being fought to restore the Union and not to eradicate slavery.  The implication was that once the war had been won, the Confederate states would be returned to the Union fold with slavery intact.  The resolution was named for its sponsors Rep. John Crittenden of Kentucky and Sen. Andrew Johnson of Tennessee.  The resolution passed with an overwhelming vote in both houses.  The plan to reassure the border states worked as none of them left the Union.  However, by December of 1861, sentiment had changed so drastically that the resolution was repealed largely through the actions of Pennsylvania Senator Thaddeus Stevens.

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