Donald Trump’s Russian Pals Meet with Texas Separatists

Self-proclaimed “Foreign Minister” of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Nate Smith, address the so-called Dialogue of Nations held in Moscow this  week.  Smith was loudly cheered when he promised that one day an independent Texas “will formally exchange ambassadors with your free and independent countries.”  He was addressing other separatist enthusiasts from California, Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico and elsewhere.

If you don’t think these guys are serious, you had better think again.  Unless you want Rick Perry declared Emperor for Life of a new “Republic” of Texas, this movement bears watching with a very close eye.  Red more or less likes being a U.S. citizen and someone will have to pry his U.S. Passport from his cold dead fingers.

For more scoop on the fabulous Dialogue of Wannabe Nations in Moscow check out the story in the LA Times.

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