Lance Zierlein Attempts to Bolster Josh Innes

Out of strictly morbid curiosity, Red has listened to Josh Innes on KBME 790 a couple of times since he replaced the immortal Charlie Pallilo.  And may Red just say, it’s pretty sad.  But yesterday may have been the rock bottom.  Lance (of many entertaining voices but otherwise useless) Zierlein was basically interviewing JI in an attempt to deflect the massive amount of criticism coming his way from Pallilo fans.  The basic thrust 0f LZ’s attempt was to protest that the listeners were out of bounds in calling for Innes to be fired because that was going after the man’s livelihood.  This was mixed in with apparently blatant lies from Innes about his departure from Philadelphia.  JI was making it sound like he left Philly voluntarily because he had left Houston, gone and conquered the East Coast and was disenchanted with Philadelphia and really wanted to come back to Houston.  Somehow he left out the part about getting fired for his racist shenanigans and sagging ratings.  Anyhow, LZ was more than willing to carry the water for Innes in crying foul about listeners who can’t stand Innes and are abandoning KBME in droves after CP’s abrut firing.  Listen here Lance Baby, the listeners have every right to call for Innes’ or anyone else’s head.  It’s a tough world out there and if you and JI can’t handle, try actually working for a living like most of your listeners.

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