Today in Texas History – December 21

From the Annals of the Governors –  In 1847, George Tyler Wood took office as the second governor of the state of Texas.    Wood was a relative newcomer to the state having arrived in 1839 from Georgia.  He established a plantation near Point Blank in San Jacinto County.  He was elected to the House of Representatives of the Republic in 1841 and later to the State Senate.    He ran for the open seat after Gov. James Pinckney Henderson decided to not seek a second term. His cause was aided by the death of candidate Isaac Van Zandt with most of Van Zandt’s support migrated to Wood.

Wood’s major accomplishment as governor was working to effective organization of local governments and the establishment of court houses.  He failed in Texas’ efforts to claim New Mexico as part of Texas and to convince the Federal government to fortify the Texas frontier.  As a result, he was a one term governor.  He lost his bid for reelection to Peter Bell in 1849.  He twice sought to return to the Governor’s mansion but was unsuccessful.

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