The Official Vision of Texas

The other day Red had occasion to visit the “official website” of the State of Texas  which is at    Red can’t seem to copy the background photo here, but you should check it out.  Red thinks it is remarkably emblematic of the state after more than 30 years of almost complete control of the reins of power by the incompetent fools in the Texas GOP.

The photo shows a worn and rusted cheap sheet metal barn with a faded Texas flag painted on the side.  Remember when the state used to erect great buildings like the Capitol or the UT Tower.  Now the only great buildings are the football stadiums.  Most government offices look like Class C commercial space even when brand new.  Off to the side is a rusted and broken down pickup truck.  Remember when we used to have great roads and highways that were the envy of the nation.  You’re lucky if you don’t bust a rim every couple of months now and the cumulative toll on your suspension (not to mention yourself) is considerable.  In the foreground is a patch of dead grass with cedar trees popping up.  Remember when we cared about soil conservation and taking care of our public lands.  Go to a State Park now and see how pathetic the facilities have become.  Also off to the side is an abandoned silo complex.  Remember when small towns were vibrant and farmers could make a decent living.

Red remembers a lot of things.  Not all of them good.  He remembers when the only black people he ever saw were women dressed in white waiting for the bus after working as domestics all day.  He remembers when his classmates referred to the occasional Hispanics at school as “Messkins.” He remembers dirty air and foul water.  He also remembers that our state government used to aspire to something other than hatred and fear-mongering.  But with folks like Our Poor Idiot Governor and homophobe Dan Patrick in charge, all we can really expect is third-rate leadership focused on important issues like telling women what to do with their bodies and policing who can pee where and making sure that poor kids keep attending crappy schools.

At least Red can look to the federal government for better leadership and focus on issues that really matter.  Oh wait a galldurned minute!

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