Trump’s Broken Promises

In the first of what likely will be a long line of broken promises from the Trump administration, comes news that Mexico will not be paying for the “beautiful wall” after all.  Instead, Trump and his feckless Republican allies will rely on a previous authorization from the W. Bush era which provided for construction of a fence – not a wall.  The GOP will seek to add funding for the fence to an omnibus budget bill to lessen the chance of opposition.

Now as you know, Red fully supports the Trump/GOP agenda under the theory that America voted for these clowns and deserves to get the just desserts of its choice.  Which means that Red fully supports a beautiful wall  (not a fence) paid for by our good amigos in Mexico.  After all, what were the two most prominent items that DJ Trump kept promising over and over at his massive rallies?  It’s seems so long ago, but Red vaguely remembers that Hillary was going to prison and that Mexico was paying for the wall.  Remember “Lock her up!” and “Who’s going to pay for it?”  Guess what saps?  Hillary is going nowhere and you are paying for the wall.



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