Today in Texas History – February 15

From the Annals of the People (or at least some of the People) –  In 1876, citizens of Texas (and by that Red means white men and some Hispanics) adopted the Constitution of 1876. The vote was 136,606 in favor with 56,652 against.  The 1876 Constitution was the sixth such document governing Texas since the declaration of  independence from Mexico in  1836.   The 1876 Constitution was primarily a reaction in connection with the reassertion of the Democratic Party (again white men) in the wake of Reconstruction.  It also incorporates some aspects of law from Spanish and Mexican rule, as well as protection for agriculture and debtors.  While calling for equal rights and due process on its face, those guarantees meant little to women and minorities at the time of adoption and for decades afterwards.  The 1876 Constitution has been repeatedly amended, but it remains the governing document of Texas to this day.


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