KBME – Are You Missing Charlie Pallilo Yet?

The Houston Chronicle Reports that since Charlie Pallilo was fired, his replacement radio gasbag, Josh  Innes, has stunk it up ratings-wise.  Since Innes’ debut on October 10, KBME AM-790  has lost almost two-thirds of Pallilo’s audience from late September, falling to a 0.9 percent share of men 25-54 from 3-7 p.m.  For the few of you actually listening to Innes’ show, the station has moved him to 2-6 p.m.   Out of purely prurient interest, Red has tuned in on occasion – only to quickly change channels when JI introduces something like his “That Bitch is Crazy” segment.  Red will tune into Fox & Friends if he wants to get his daily does of utterly infantile nonsense.

Meanwhile, despite continuing to look, there have been no confirmed Charlie Pallilo sightings.  Let Red know if you hear otherwise.

11 thoughts on “KBME – Are You Missing Charlie Pallilo Yet?

  1. shergie

    yea innes will eventually get fired and will get the producer that brought him back fired too. The problem i have with josh, other than the fact that he seems like a disgusting human being, is that he isnt really a fan of Houston sports. People emotionally invested into Houston sports tend to have a hard time listening to someone like Josh. But wow where has charlie gone?


  2. APB

    Charlie is probably enjoying six months worth of non-compete clause and severance pay.

    Probably be somewhere in a matter of weeks.


  3. Jeremy

    I am one of many that left kmbe behind. Which sucks because Rich Lord sucks too…….Just not quite as bad as Innes.


    1. Red from Texas Post author

      Red won’t try to judge the varying degrees of “suckitude” currently present on KBME. And by the way, Charlie coined the term “suckitude” if Red is not mistaken.


  4. Ron

    Charlie Pallilo has the perfect radio voice and is very knowledgeable on all things sports. 790 screwed the pooch on this one.



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